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Category: Data Analytics

What is the Hypothetical Data Analysis Website About?

The “Hypothetical Data Analysis Projects” Website serves as a platform for hosting various data analysis project work ranging from Research Hypothesis decision making to Prediction Model results interpretations using various approaches. The posts are intended to be an exciting way of learning insightful information about data analysis using output...

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us on WordPress! The “Hypothetical Data Analysis Projects” Website is an extension of my 2019 University of Maryland University College (UMUC) M.S. Data Analytics Capstone course’s Data Science Analytical Predictive Analysis Project. The Data Science posts can be accessed via the following Navigation Links.  Please use...

Project 1 Introduction: Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds Deficit Concern

Executive Summary The Data Analytics Research and Prediction Project Demonstration course is suitable for readers that have various levels of knowledge about Data Science, Business, Economics, Statistics, and U.S. Government’s Budget interests.  The Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds Deficit Concern Project includes information, visualizations, and interpretations that provides...

Self-Paced Data Analytics E-Course

Learn about a Real-World issue and concern with this Data Analytics hypothetical data analysis research and prediction project demonstration....